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Professional Hair Stylists

Find Your Perfect Hair Shears & Hair Scissors Today

Kissaki Shears sells a larger selection of hair cutting scissors and thinning shears for the professional hair stylist than most other companies. We strive to provide both quality and variety for Hairstylists to achieve any cut or style they require.


Hair Cutting Scissors

Hair Shears made and designed for the professional hairdresser and Barber. Kissaki Lifetime Warranty

Hair Razor and Feather Blades

Kissaki Hair Razor is available in 6 beautiful colors. Available with Feather razor blades. Feathering Hair Razors & Blades

Hair Scissors & Thinning Shears Sets

Hair Cutting Shears and Thinning Scissors Matching Sets at Special combo price

Swivel Hair Shears

Swivel Hair Cutting Shears & Thinning Scissors great for reducing & preventing Carpal Tunnel and painful cutters cramp

Tsurikomi Hair Scissors

Hair Cutting Scissors and Thinning Shears Ideal for Barbers, Hairstylists and Cosmetology Students

Left Handed Hair Shears

Hair Cutting Scissors and Thinning Shears for the Left Handed. Cosmetologist and all Left handed Barbers

The Kissaki Lifetime Warranty

All Kissaki Hair Shears are carefully manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen (under Kissaki’s rigid specifications) to last the professional stylist years of heavy daily usage. Each individual pair of hair scissors are carefully and personally inspected before shipping to our valued clients. We are so confident in the quality of our product; that we offer a lifetime warranty on parts, materials and workmanship.

Hair Scissors Cases and Shears Holsters

Protecting Hair Scissors and Hair Razors from damage to the Hairstylists hair cutting tools.

Hair Thinning Shears

Thinning Scissors are available in a variety of lengths and teeth count, from Chunkers to Blending Shears

Dog Grooming Scissors

Kissaki Dog Shears and Pet Scissors are available with curved & straight blades & Thinning Shears

Care & Cleaning

As a Hairstylist, hair scissors and hair shears are some of the most important and expensive pieces of equipment you own.
With proper care and cleaning, your Kissaki hair shears will be guaranteed to give you many years of use.
For some basic rules of proper care and maintenance, check out our Hair Shears & Hair Scissors Care Guide