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About Kissaki

So sharp you can’t feel the hair you’re cutting between the blades…
So smooth you think there can’t possibly be enough tension on the blade to be cutting…
Designed for the professional, KISSAKI PROFESSIONAL HAIR SHEARS become an extension of your hand for hours of comfort while cutting with effortless ease…

When hair scissors are the tools of your trade, their excellence is of the utmost importance. Kissaki Shears are destined to become the standard by which all other hair shears are judged.

Kissaki Shears are made of the highest quality Japanese SUS 440C stainless steel (Rockwell Hardness of 60 – 61), crafted by top quality workmanship and polished to the luster of fine jewelry and are some of the finest hair shears available today.

Kissaki has been selling Hair Shears, Hair Scissors & Feathering Hair Razors for the Professional Hair Stylist since 2001.  We sell worldwide and have tens of Thousands satisfied clients.  Our success is attributed to our high quality products at a great value and our emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Professional Hair Scissors, Hair Shears & Hair Razors are our Business, so we cater to the Professional as only a Specialty Hair Shears Company can.