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Welcome! to our Kissaki Shears company blog. We hope that you will find it informative and helpful. Our goal is to provide you with informative and interesting topics such historical hairstyles, various hair coloring trends and buying scissors, shears, razors, scissor...

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Do You Know How Hair Dye Works?

It's estimated that 75% of American women dye their hair; it's a gigantic industry that ranges from supermarket aisles to high-end salons. Whether you're just adding a few natural highlights or dramatically bleaching your brown hair to blonde, it's undeniable that...

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The 4 Silliest Modern Hair Fads

Popular hair styles come and go, spurred by the changing cultural climate. While some looks remain classic and in vogue year after year, others burn bright and flame out and when we all wake up, we realize how ridiculous we looked. There are a variety of reasons...

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Rad Facts About Blue Hair

Has a client or loved one ever come to you and asked to have their hair dyed bright neon blue? For some people it's a sign of rebellion; for others, it's a way to confidently stand out from the crowd. Blue is not a naturally occurring human pigment; even “blue” dogs...

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