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Odd Hair Stories

Our hair is partof our anatomy; like most other mammals, it protects our skin from weather and reflects our general health, thus signaling desirability for potential mates. But it’s so much more; it is an extension of our personalities, a visible beacon of who...

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Famous Hairstyles: The Bob & The Rachel

Famous Hairstyles: The Bob & The Rachel.  Unless you’re in the habit of continually modifying your haircut, you may not realize just how much it can affect others impressions of you. While suddenly sporting a neon red mohawk might draw you some odd looks at...

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The Beehive: How to Define a Decade

The Beehive hairstyle has achieved iconic status; it is famous as a historical oddity, often devoid of the original context that made it popular. Modern interpretations have also called attention to the more outrageous aspects of the style, warping it into something...

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Weird Hair Tips That Work

We spend a lot of time worrying about our hair, but it’s been that way for hundreds of thousands of years! Hair is a good indicator of one’s overall health; shiny, luxurious locks may have been a signal to our ancestors that a woman was capable of...

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