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Easy Solutions for Common Hair Problems

Hair problemsThere’s nothing like the feeling of freshly cut and styled hair, right after a visit to your stylist. However, when you settle into the day-to-day grind of life, you might find that you struggle with your mane more than you should.

It can seem like your hair has decided to rebel against you for reasons unknown, and no matter what you do it just won’t behave. It might seem tempting to cut it all off in a drastic pixie cut, but before you grab the scissors, try these easy solutions first.

Problem: Dry hair feels greasy, even after washing

While oily scalps and grease-blasting products get a lot of media attention, people with dry hair greatly benefit from oils and ultra hydrating conditioners. But if you step out of the shower and find that your normally dry hair feels weighed down and sticky, your conditioner might be the culprit. It’s a myth that you need to switch your shampoo regularly; your hair does not build up a “tolerance” to one brand or formula. However, certain ultra-luxurious shampoos and conditioners may leave a buildup of excess oil, causing your hair to feel less clean than it should. Try switching to a clarifying shampoo and a basic conditioner, and use the really rich products once in a while.

Problem: An old faithful hair dryer and scorched, fried locks

Everyone knows that excessive heat tool use can dry out your hair, but every once in a while you can certainly blow dry your mane. So if you’re an occasional user, you might think that all hair dryers are the same. Your old dryer fires up like a charm, sure, but it causes frizzy, damaged flyaways every time you use it, even on the low setting. How do hairdressers manage to get your hair so soft and beautiful with nothing but air? The answer is, of course, that your old hair dryer might be doing more harm than good. As the appliance ages, certain components will weaken; as a result you lose control over the speed and temperature of the heat, and expose your hair to more damage than intended. Ask your stylist to recommend a dryer brand, and invest in a new one. The result may surprise you!

Problem: Frizzy split ends and wintertime static

Winter is harsh on your hair; between the frigid temperatures outside and the artificial furnaces indoors, your locks are prone to dryness, static buildup, and split ends. Get your hair trimmed regularly every four to six weeks to eliminate pesky split ends, and hydrate your hair with a moisturizing serum or leave-in conditioner. Gently blow-dry naturally frizzy hair, as air drying can exacerbate the problem; otherwise, try to avoid excessive heat tool use. Also, don’t shampoo your hair every single day; this strips the hair of its natural protective oils. Try washing it every other day or just a few times per week.