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Hair Shear Handle Styles

When you work in an in environment where you stand all day it becomes apparent pretty quickly that the right shoes make all the difference. The same can be said choosing hair scissors as a professional hair stylist. It’s important to have the right tools for the trade as you’ll be using them day in and day out for the majority of your career.

A variety of handles are available to choose from, and while a pair of professional quality shears can be a great investment, how do you know what is comfortable to work with daily?

Level or Even Handle Shears

This classic style of handle is often used for thumbs up cutting and differs from other techniques, as it is uses the middle finger as opposed to the ring finger. The design is generally quite basic and straight.

Offset Handle

This style of shears consists of one handle being longer than the other. Stylists often find this more comfortable as it lends to a more open hand position and allows for a lower arm position. The finger holes are offset from each other which can be more comfortable when gripping and employing thumb down cutting.

Crane or Butterfly Handle

The Crane handle is generally lower than an offset handle and can be used to obtain a lower elbow position, which tends to be more comfortable for most stylists. If you prefer using cutting shears thumbs down then this may be a great fit for you.

Swivel Handle

Swivel handle shears offer the advantage of having a thumb hole that rotates 360 degrees. Choosing this style means you can enjoy the versatility of cutting either thumb up or thumb down and the range in motion will help relieve hand cramping.

Left-Handed Scissors

If you’re a left-handed stylist you may want to consider purchasing left-handed shears. While this may seem like a no brainer, many stylists start their career using right-handed shears and simply adjust. There are many benefits to using shears that are made for your dominant hand; first and foremost is comfort! Left-handed shears have reversed blades, meaning they will feel far more natural in your hand and will require less force while cutting.

Ultimately it is recommended that you use a variety of handle styles, as it alleviates repetitive motion and keeps your wrists and hands healthy.