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How to Know When You Need a Haircut

Do you remember when you last cut your hair? The memory might be fuzzy, and the exact date lost in the undercurrent of a busy schedule. If you regularly color your hair, your roots will clearly signal just how long it’s been since your last appointment. Those with short styles might have a better recollection; cropped cuts will quickly look awkward when they haven’t been trimmed properly, thus providing a helpful reminder that it’s time for a touch-up. But people with long hair might not recognize the subtle symptoms of an unkempt mane.

Split ends are easy signals that your hair needs a trim. The tips of your hair are prone to damage over time, and will become frizzy and dull if not taken care of. If you leave it for too long, the damage can travel up the hair follicle; don’t delay! Damaged hair tangles more easily; you may notice that it doesn’t feel as luxurious after washing and that it accumulates oil and dirt much quicker. Unkempt hair may be frizzy even after you’ve applied calming products or washed it thoroughly.

Even if you’ve miraculously avoided damage, you might have found that your normal styling routine takes much longer than it used to. Straightening might be a nightmare, even though you’ve got a great flat iron. And curls may fall out of shape within minutes of being set, rather than lasting all day as they used to. As your hair grows, it becomes heavier and cuts lose their shape. If you rely on short bangs or layered styles, you’ll find that you cannot work with your hair as easily and it just won’t behave. You may experience a loss of volume—or, alternatively, curly hair will frizz up into big lion-like manes! Suddenly, wearing a ponytail might seem like the only way to make your hair behave itself.

You may not want to visit your stylist because you just don’t know what kind of cut you want. But there’s no need to make a radical change; a basic cleanup will make you feel like a brand new person. Don’t put it off any longer; get your hair cut every four to six weeks. There’s nothing like the confidence boost that comes from getting compliments on your new do!