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ATS-314 Cobalt Hair Shears

The quality of steel used in your hair cutting shears can have a significant impact on your performance. That is why Kissaki uses high quality steel like authentic Japanese Hitachi ATS-314 Cobalt Alloy Stainless Steel in our products. We also use CNC technology to shape our cutting blades in order to allow for very fine tolerances in grinding and sharpening of shears. The blades are then hand honed to achieve precision tolerances not otherwise attainable on a normal convex edge.

The ultimate result is a pair of high quality shears that will last longer and allow you to cut hair more efficiently with less stress on your hands. Using a blade made from inferior steel often results in damage to your clients hair, constant sharpening and poor results. Don’t fuss with shears that are difficult to use when you can get amazing results with ease by simply using a higher quality steel. Since our shears are made with such high quality, they all come with a lifetime warranty making them the only pair of shears you will ever have to buy.

Our selection of ATS-314 Cobalt Alloy Shears below will provide you with years of high performance cutting.

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