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Left Handed Hair Shears

Using proper left handed hair cutting shears will ensure you perform at your absolute best by providing maximum comfort and control. Many hair stylists have been told that they can simply use or modify right handed scissors even though they are left handed. These methods do not result in a proper pair of left handed scissors and they force the stylist to hold their shears in an unnatural position. Hair stylists who use these methods have to adapt their grip and technique to compensate for the fact that the hair cutting shears they are using are not designed for them. The major concern with this is that it makes certain techniques like getting close to the skin, slide cutting and slicing difficult and it may also cause discomfort and pain.

Kissaki Shears believes in providing hair stylists with high quality tools designed to maximize their ability and comfort. That is why we have developed an entire line of professional left handed shears designed specifically for hair dressers with a dominant left hand. Our left handed shears are designed to increase comfort and control by allowing stylists to hold their shears in a natural position while cutting with their left hand.

Start getting better results by choosing a professional pair of left handed hair cutting shears from our selection below.

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