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Dog Grooming Scissors

Kissaki offers a wide variety of professional pet grooming tools including straight shears, thinning shears and curved blade shears. Purchasing a high quality set of pet grooming shears will help improve your performance, speed and comfort. It will also ensure that you always have the right tool for every effect and type of coat you may be working on. For instance, our thinning scissors are great for reducing thick coats, blending the neckline hair to the body and ensuring the cut along the muzzle is not too straight. Curved scissors can help with effects like the poodle topknot and shaping tubular legs, while straight shears will help create neat even cuts and are useful for trimming. Most cuts will require the use of these three types of shears.

In order to ensure that you have every tool you need to deal with the numerous types of coats, different areas of the animal and the wide variety of styles requested, we have expertly paired together the different types of shears you may need into convenient packages. Buying one of our combos will ensure you get a stylish set of matching tools that are designed to work together to achieve great results. Our packages will also save you money compared to buying each individual pair of shears and it saves time because you do not have to research the combinations yourself.

Take your business to the next level by purchasing a set of our professional pet grooming shears below.

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