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Hair Scissors & Thinning Shears Matching Sets

Kissaki knows that the most successful hair stylists have a wide range of hair and thinning shears in their tool kits. A single pair of shears will not allow you to properly cut hair to achieve the numerous styles your clients are dying to try. That is why we have saved you time and money by putting together the best possible combinations of hair and thinning shears. Having a wide range of complimentary shears is essential and buying them all at once in a proper package will ensure you get the best possible set of tools to work with. Our combos were created by expertly pairing a variety of shears that complement each other in ways that will give you the widest range of possibilities. Our packages have also been created keeping style and comfort in mind. No professional hair dresser wants a mismatched collection of tools when they can impress their clients with a stylish matching set of hair styling equipment. Using shears designed to work together will also maximize your comfort and technique by having a proper set of shears with matching features and designs.

Start saving time and impress your clients by choosing one of our professional hair shears and thinners combos below.

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