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Swivel Shears Scissors

Swivel thumb shears will help improve your performance by relieving the pain, discomfort and fatigue felt by many hair stylists after a long day of cutting. Using a standard pair of hair shears forces you to hold your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder in an unnatural position while cutting hair. Over time this position starts to put pressure on your body which results in pain, discomfort and fatigue. In some cases, it may lead to ergonomic injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and painful cutters cramp. Using swivel thumb shears will eliminate these problems by allowing you to straighten your wrist and drop your shoulder and elbow. This natural position may also improve your hair cutting performance by providing you with more control. The ergonomic design of swivel scissors is created by a thumb that swivels a full 360 degrees giving your thumb a much larger range of movement. Your thumb movement can be increased even more by purchasing double swivel shears.

Browse our selection of swivel shears below to improve your performance and decrease your pain and discomfort now.

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