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Hair Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are a must have tool for hair stylists who want to be able to take their creativity and style to the highest level. The right pair of hair thinning scissors can enable you to achieve the exact look your client wants by removing bulk, adding texture or blending hair. Using scissors designed to produce the specific effect you want can also make your job quicker and easier.

Having a wide range of professional tools can take your hairdressing skills to the next level by providing you with the precision and control you need. That is why Kissaki has a wide selection of hair thinning shears and features for you to choose from including an 11 to 60 tooth selection, tension adjustment knobs and left handed thinning scissors. If there is a look you are going for, Kissaki will have the tool you need to attain it.

Browse our hair thinning scissors below to get the tool you need to achieve the style you are looking for.

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