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Aikuchi 5.5″ Hair Scissors VG-10 Super Steel Cobalt


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Aikuchi 5.5″ Hair Scissors VG-10 Super Steel Cobalt.  This is the Kissaki Ultra High quality Aikuchi 5.5” VG-10 Hair Cutting Scissors with the ergonomically comfortable offset grip, featuring the ultra sharp slide cutting convex edge made from the highest Quality Authentic Japanese VG-10 Super Stainless Steel & Cobalt Alloy (Rockwell Hardness of 62+). VG-10 (also known as V Gold 10 “gold” meaning quality ) is a unique formulation of steel with a high carbon content, and containing the following: Chromium, Vanadium, Molybdenum and Cobalt. The steel is specially designed for high-quality.

      VG-10 is often called “Super Steel” because it is designed to maintain sharpness and durability without becoming brittle, a major fault normally associated with exceptionally hard steel. This quality is ideal when extreme sharpness is desired, as most other steels will not take or keep an edge like VG-10.

      The Kissaki cutting blades are shaped using CNC technology, which allows for very fine tolerances in grinding and sharpening of shears and then hand honed to achieve precision tolerances not otherwise attainable on a normal convex edge. This is a superior Hair cutting shears that will give the professional Cosmetologist many years of heavy use.

      These professional hair shears also feature the highly popular leaf spring clicker tension adjustment knob that is user friendly for simple adjustment, and the most comfortable feel for the perfect cut. 

      All Kissaki Aikuchi 5.5″ Hair Scissors VG-10 Super Steel Cobalt Hair Shears are Lifetime Guaranteed and come with our beautiful custom shears case including lubricant, finger sizing ring inserts and a leather cleaning – polishing cloth. 



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