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Sakura 5.5″ Damascus Steel Hair Cutting Scissors Shears


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Sakura 5.5″ Damascus Steel Hair Cutting Scissors Shears.  This Kissaki 5.5″ Sakura Damascus Steel Hair Scissors is a beautiful hair cutting instrument designed to perform with flawless precision for years.  Manufactured from Damascus steel, as in the ancient art of Samurai sword making, these are the strongest and smoothest cutting hair styling shears on the market today.  The layering process of Damascus Steel gives this shear its unique beauty.  The adjustable low profile tension dial is both appealing and highly functional and the offset grip with a slight ergonomically bent thumb make this shear one of the most comfortable high performance hairdressing shears available.

The Damascus Steel used in Kissaki Hair Scissors is manufactured from a process that uses 2 types of V10 cobalt-stainless steel alloys and is repeatedly folded and tempered.  The result of this unique forging method is an extremely pure metal structure that combines strength and flexibility, creating a unique dampening property and a strikingly beautiful water flow pattern.

Only the highest skilled metal smiths can manipulate the alloys during the folding and tempering process. The result is a beautifully hand-worked shear with a one-of-a-kind grain pattern. Each individual Scissor has it’s own unique pattern much like a persons finger print, no two scissors pattern are the exact same. The Cobalt alloy convex blade’s edge is sharp yet durable for a butter-smooth cut and delivers the highest cutting performance of any hair cutting shears available, anywhere!

All Kissaki Sakura 5.5″ Damascus Steel Hair Cutting Scissors Shears are Lifetime Guaranteed and come with our beautiful custom shears case including lubricant, finger sizing ring inserts and a leather cleaning – polishing cloth.


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