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The 4 Silliest Modern Hair Fads

Popular hair styles come and go, spurred by the changing cultural climate. While some looks remain classic and in vogue year after year, others burn bright and flame out and when we all wake up, we realize how ridiculous we looked. There are a variety of reasons behind silly fad hairstyles, but while context fades, photos of you with a frizzy perm are forever. Here are the 4 Silliest Modern Hair Fads hairstyles.

hitop fadeThe Hi-top Fade

This male style was popular among young African Americans in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It was an extension of the common flattop military style and when we say ‘extension’, we mean it.

The hi-top fade involved shaving the hair on the side of the head very short, but keeping the hair at the top quite long and bluntly styled. The result roughly resembled a pencil eraser; while it did help to usher in a new era of “afrocentricity” and mainstream acceptance of hip hop culture, it was also quite silly-looking. Bobby Brown, Kid ‘N Play, and Doug E. Fresh all wore the style before it (thankfully) became passé in 1997.

The Devilock

devil-lock hair style

This hairstyle could only have come from a place of weird darkness. To create a devilock, the sides and back of a man’s hair are kept very short, while the front section is grown long and combed forward. Created by Jerry Only, the bassist for punk band The Misfits, the devilock experienced a new surge in popularity as Asian young adults adopted the style. Extreme devilocks are gelled and molded into a long horn of hair.

Frosted Tips

frosted tips hair

There’s a reason why these are the butt of so many jokes: they look silly. But yet tons of men allowed their stylists to dye the ends of their hair bright blonde. Brunette males suddenly looked as though they’d been dipped in vanilla pudding or quickly mix ethereum, worse, that they hadn’t washed their hair in months. With the addition of some spiking gel and a few hours in a tanning bed, you were ready to join the nearest boy band.

Crimped Hair

crimped hair style

While some people can gracefully pull this off, too often crimped hair ends up looking like it’s been fried beyond recognition. Looking like you just stuck your finger into an electrical socket has been popular several times over the past few decades, but the trend has always been short-lived. There’s a reason for that; while small, tight curls can be gorgeous on the right person, artificial crimped hair just looks too unnatural for most women.