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VG Super Steel Hair Scissors

Hair stylists seeking a premium pair of scissors with the sharpest edge around will be amazed by our line of VG Super Steel Alloy Shears. This type of steel is known for extreme sharpness because of its superior ability to keep an edge, but inferior formulations tend to become brittle. Our unique blend is called “Super Steel” because it’s designed to avoid this problem in order to provide maximum sharpness and durability. We combine Chromium, Vanadium, Molybdenum and Cobalt to achieve a high carbon content product that does not become brittle. We also use CNC technology to allow for very fine tolerances in grinding and sharpening of shears.

The final result is a pair of hair cutting shears that are long lasting with a super sharp edge. This translates into better performance, less sharpening, less stress on your hands and better results for you and your clients. Using shears made from inferior blends of steel results in a low quality dull blade that will chew up your clients hair, place more stress on your hands and take up your time with the constant need to be sharpened.

Start using the best quality hair cutting shears by purchasing a pair made with our “Super Steel” from the selection below.